Friday, July 29, 2011

Week in the Life 2011: Day Two

I really had to get another post blogged and ready today. I am pretty much up to date on my project IRL, just the blogging is a problem. I have started to figure out wordpress and I seem to like it a lot more than blogger, so I may be moving my blog sometime soon. Plus it's also a great learning experience, something I have wanted to do for the longest time. Hope you enjoy scenes from Day 2.

My Morning Coffee

The new Domo Doll that was added to our collection

Reading the morning newspaper

Banana as snack

This is how I leave my desk behind

On my way home

Relaxing in front of the tv after a long day


t said...

Fun post!

Stephanie said...

Hey we watched that 'it's worth WHAT?' show too! So funny. I am horrible at guessing. I love the saturation of the yellow mug in your morning coffee. WITL is so fun!
Thanks for stopping by my blog- sorry the minion recipe is top secret! lol!

Our Typical Life said...

That little doll is sort of creepy, but sort of cute too!

Video Zeum said...

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