Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week in the Life 2011: Day One

I know I have had my fair share of projects I had decided to take on this year and then all of a sudden my whole plan came crashing down, which I had in one way sort of expected since I can never really seem to finish anything I start. This blog, for instance, has been an example. I have decided that this time around I am not taking down anything and just leaving it as is. In my opinion, A HUGE MESS.
Fast foward to Sunday night, July 24, 2011, while cleaning up my mailbox I read an email that was sent by Ali Edwards (maybe not sent on Sunday, can't remember) where she posted about her new project "Week in the life 2011". I left some of the links open deciding to continue reading them on Monday morning, since I was just too tired to read. I started my Monday morning by reading more about the project and I decided to just give it a go...."It's just a week I thought and it seems quite easy...right?....RIGHT???"

So here I am posting my day one on the actual day 3 of this project. I wasn't sure if I was going to blog about this project, but I have been enjoying reading all the wonderful blogs ppl have been writing and even documenting their journey's it kind of made me miss blogging. (maybe I took blogging too serious, who knows?) I do still plan to scrap my project as well (Can you tell I am taking on too much already?) Plus I figured even if I never scrap the project at least I'll still have some kind of reminder about how I participated in this project, right?

This mornings snack, love my yoplait.

This is where I spent most of my Monday morning and afternoon. I was very tired from the day before.

My sheet...I did quite a lot of writing on the first day

Burning a scented candle before I head off to bed


Lara said...

Aw, I'm glad you're playing along and thanks for stopping by my blog. I so agree with you - it really is the taking part that counts. I plan to spend all of August scrapbooking this, but it may take me up to Christmas, and that's absolutely fine. We need to go easy on ourselves - we're all busy peeps and this sort of thing should be fun xx

veronica said...

Love your pictures! Yes, you are right...even if you don't get around to scrapping them, this blog/pictures are a reminder!

urban muser said...

you are good to be filling out the sheets. i don't think i am going to get around to that.

Amy Kroeger said...

Some blogging is always better than no blogging, that's my philosophy. Even if I only blog in spurts a few times a year, I still love looking back at the posts! Also starting on the 3rd day, totally fine. No one will ever know that but you! :) Your photos are wonderful!

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