Saturday, March 12, 2011

Get Fit Challenge || Week 6 ||

Your weight {if you don't feel comfortable sharing this, you don't have to}: Same as last week, so no changes. No Biggie :)

Your fitness challenge(s) for the week: The weather was a HUGE challenge this week. We had a lot of rain, which spoiled all my outside walks :( I hated it, really hated it!! It also spoiled my whole mood to actually work out at home.

Your food challenge for the week: No major cravings this week, but I somehow felt like I overate on some days. I did start tracking my calories as best I could by using Lose It, but I also didn't have calorie information for most of my lunch or dinner meals. I was still able to keep below my calorie intake.

How well did it go: Meh....I have had better weeks. I am just happy I didn't gain anything. Like I said before the weather was a real challenge as it spoiled all my outside walks. I tried to work out at home, but it just wasn't in me. I only did one day of strength training (inside). We did go out to walk in the rain (drizzle) on Thursday. I ended up having to sit out Friday too, since my knee was hurting really bad.

Failures and slip-ups: Didn't work out enough this week and yes I am still bummed out about it.

Weekly challenge wisdom: Listen to your body, it needs time to heal as well. Allow your body its rest too.

Advice to fellow GET FIT members: Nothing in life comes without some kind of challenge, there will be ups and downs.

Your self-portrait (optional but strongly encouraged): I have decided not to post any selfies for the next few weeks. I want to see a big change the next time I decide to post a selfie. Or if I do post them, it will be at free will and no theme :)


Short Leg Lucy said...

you're doing well! recovery weeks are crucial. you're gonna look fab!

Elena @ Art of Making a Baby said...

I feel ya! I was the same way last week! But the greatest thing is we have a new week when we can do so much better.
Oh as far as not knowing calories of your lunches for
Do what i do: estimate.
Say you're eating a sandwich for lunch: white bread, turkey ,cheese, tomato and a piece of lettuce. So you go ahead and enter: 2 slices of bread ( search for bread and pick the most similar one), number of slices of turkey,1 slice of cheese, 1/4 of a tomato, 1/6 cup of lettuce... and there you have it... plus 1 table spoon of whatever condiment... And with time you learn to estimate better. But it's better than just ignoring the calories in a meal.
And if you eat it often, just save it as a custom food and you're good to go.

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